Environmental Crime, Pt. 1 – Giving a voice to the voiceless: Deforestation in the Amazon and the challenge of documentary filmmaking

In this episode, Caio Guatelli—a Brazilian journalist and photographer—shares his exclusive testimony with Eutopya surrounding the environmental crisis occurring in Brazil. Caio explains how the country’s political class has historically decided to be blind to the destruction of its environment. Today, the government is actively facilitating this devastation. In this way, Caio explains the notion of “Environmental Blindness” that he used for one of his photographic series (available in his online portfolio). Caio explains how geography, social issues, and economic interests complicate journalism in the Brazilian Amazon and hinder environmental justice. This episode was produced—across 4 countries and 3 continents—by Lidia Varda, Manju von Rospatt and Anya Bégué.

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