Meredith Bunn, combat medic in Myanmar Eutopya Podcasts

In this episode, Manju and Mario talk with Meredith Bunn, founder of Skills for Humanity, about the current humanitarian situation in Myanmar. As the popular armed resistance to the military junta in Myanmar has gained significant territory since the 2021 military coup, this conversation is a timely one. With a background as a combat medic, Meredith has spent nearly a decade providing vital humanitarian and emergency support in Myanmar. In this episode, she shared with us her experiences of working on the ground in Myanmar to provide emergency services, medical aid, evacuations, landmine clearance, community training, and education for displaced children. Meredith takes us through her personal experiences of working on the ground in Myanmar, the many challenges the people and the country are facing, and shares her insights into what is next for the country. — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/eutopya-podcasts/support
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