We are the Change We Seek

We’ve heard plenty of profound words and gun violence wisdom over the last weeks in Florida for Stoneman Douglas from past schools Virginia Tech and Sand Hook, ‘Never Again’ ,’We Want Change’ these few words are heard throughout the rallies. Living in Broward County, just 20 minutes from Stoneman Douglas, the high schools I attended to in Florida had no metal detectors, no police officers checking bags, no way to ensure students’ safety; however, kids are constantly profiled on the basis of race – there is a mass “these kids are gang related and must be a potential danger to society” mentality. After Sandy Hook, no changes were made. Today we rally in the streets for what is right; an attempt to stop gun violence. We rally for Congress to make changes, to stop the selling of AR-15 to civilians. We are the change we seek. I’m saying this because it all starts with one kid. The safety of our children is our priority.


In 2012, it was thought that bullying was the cause of these shootings, that kids who were mistreated and ostracized would shoot up their schools because they felt left out. Since the incident at Virginia tech, we have seen an increase of mass shootings. Congress must give the proper funding for school therapists, metal detectors, and other methods of protection in the school setting. I grew up around gang related violence; kids would act like thugs and bring in guns and knives to school. It was as easy as putting it in your school bookbag and keeping your head down and away from attention. I’ve witnessed multiple attempts of gang violence after school on school grounds. Even after suspension or expulsion, kids continue their ways out on the streets. We are the change we seek; ending gun violence starts with limiting guns and creating a world that is self-aware. As we march on the streets we will continue to show children that we are not going to stand for violence, bullying, or abuse.We want change –  we want change from our president and Congress. We want them to stand with our school systems.

We are the change – it starts with one person at a time.

                                                                                                            Broward County, FL

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