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Venezuela Closes In

CARACAS, FEBRUARY 17th 2019 – A group of five MEPs of the European Popular Party (EPP) has been denied access into Venezuela at the Caracas international airport, Caracas-Maiquetà. “We have been expelled by the country” says the leader of the delegation, the Spanish Esteban Gonzalez Pons. “We weren’t given any explanation or documents stating the reasons.” They then embarked on a plane bound for Madrid.
The MEPs had come on invitation from the National Assembly (AN), led by the auto-proclaimed President Juan Guaidò.

Esteban Gonzalez Pons, Vice president of EPP

JORGE ARREAZA, Venezuela’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, declared on Twitter that Venezuela “won’t allow the European far right threaten the country’s peace” with another “gross interference.” He also stated that “some days ago,” the MEPs were officially notified that “the group of EU Parliamentarians” who were set to visit the country “with conspiracy aims” would not be allowed to enter.

Arreaza’s tweets

THE REACTION – Juan Guaidò replied on his Twitter profile that “the MEPs delegation is expelled by an irrational and isolated regime,” reaffirming his efforts to put an end to the “usurpation” of Nicolas Maduro.
This whole political crisis in Venezuela is a complex diplomatic situation, one which must soon be resolved. A solution can only be reached through dialogue and mutual respect between Venezuela and the EU. Venezuela is now in the spotlight, thanks to the ongoing, inflammatory conflict between Maduro and Guaidò – a conflict caught between polarized international opinions and interests. The question remains: will the nations and organizations (like EU, USA, Russia, China) let their own political and economical interests prevail? Or will the world follow the example of the EU, ever teaching that cooperation is the key to stability and progress? Whoever gets to govern Venezuela cannot afford an isolationist policy for his country.

Updated 20th February 2019

Gabriele Gennarini

Featured Photo Source: https://nationalinterest.org/feature/venezuela-the-brink-economic-social-collapse-24247

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