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The Wickedness

These are our thoughts and our reflections later the conference held by Mr. Marchetti about the wickedness on April 12th.

We can analyze the wickedness from two point of views, the medical and the ideal one. We are going to think about the second one. Because we are not able to go to Hiperuranyo to see the idea of wickedness, we have to be content with the word and we may take this from one of the most ancient language, so from italian. In italian the translation of wickedness is “cattiveria”, and his etymological root is “capt”. Now we have to jump back to latin, only in this way we can find the original root of the idea and understand the his true means. In the language of ancient roman, on “capt” are led two words, the verb “capto” and the word “captivus”, so this root bring us to the idea of take with violence by greed, and the idea of “get caught”, of “be imprisoned”.

So the english the verb is “to catch”, and its etymological root is indeed “capt”. So under the idea of wickedness there is the same idea that is under the idea of “to catch”. So what is the wickedness? We now are at a crossroad. On the first way we find the means led on “get caught” . This is based on the impossibility of movement, which has a serious patient, a cripple, a blind man and a dwarf, they are prisoner, they are got caught by their body, and so as a dog in a cage, they became wickedness. In this group, they are bedness because someone or something made them become like this.

Then there is the second way, this is led on “capto”, so on “to catch”, in this case people want to catch someone or something for greediness and so this is a bed person, who he want to own and subtract the possibility to move to someone, like a dictator or a superthing. People on animals who are under the hunter’s power become also bedness. This also a problem for ones that are their bodies prisoner and for people who are in cages by law.

So the wickedness is the desire to conquer someone or something and the result of being conquered.

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