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The Magazine

The need to create a place where students can debate on the political, cultural and philosophical questions that surround us has always been the motivation that drives us to work and commit ourselves to realizing this dream. The creation of a place – a magazine – where students can compare ideas about the construction of their future while taking part in it, transformed this project into a forum for freedom of thought and democracy. We are committed to organizing student articles with as many points of view as possible, that address as wide an audience as possible, because we know that students discussing with other students can give birth to new ideas. Governments may allow freedom of expression, but we must all commit ourselves to freedom of thought. This, however, cannot be achieved by using intellectual instruments alone. We must invite and expose ourselves to as many perspectives as possible, so as to enrich our own beliefs and ideals and support this crucial ideal. Therefore, freedom of thought requires communication and the exchange of ideas. For many years, we were organizing student magazines whose circulation was limited only to students of Roman universities and high schools; however, we knew that this could never be enough to achieve our objectives.
The balance between sensibility and freedom of thought is tricky; we cannot let this get in the way of hearing the voices of as many students as possible. We wish to address all the students in Europe and to have them take part in the debate. The countries of Europe share the fundamental values that are common to us all. These values are the same ones that gave life to the French revolution and to the Age of Enlightenment. Liberté, égalité et fraternité are the bases of our magazine. Our aim is therefore to create a place to celebrate the fundamental values of the French revolution, those of the Periclean Athenaeum, and all the cultural bases that have been sedimented in our minds over centuries of history and philosophical debate.
We suddenly realized that our aims did not conform to our project, which addressed the students of one city alone. The youth in Norway share the same future with the youth in Cyprus. What happens in Frankfurt will affect what happens in Malaga. This is why it has become necessary to create a space that embraces the free circulation of ideas and opinions among all students of Europe – and ultimately, the world.
In order to overcome the linguistic barriers, both the communication between the editors and all the articles will be exclusively in English. And, in order to involve everyone effectively, meetings will take place via Skype. Furthermore, since the use of paper in this united and vast Europe is now unsustainable and outdated, everything the newspaper produces must be published online, on our website. This way, every person has access to information about politics, economics, and international culture.
The values that this project promotes are those on which the European Union is founded, and support thereof is vital for us. We are trying to develop, as much as possible, an even greater cohesion among the young people of Europe, and we believe we should – and will – achieve this goal through an exchange of ideas, ideas that don’t need to be sophisticated. Discussing and debating freely about these issues can only build global democracy. The Alexandrian school and neo-sophists show how, under tyranny, political discourse closes in schools and arguments become useless both for the development of people and for the improvement of a community’s social conditions. Because one finds democracy and anti-fascism in Europe, we wish to inspire debate that can involve everyone’s voices.
Since a place that is so free and fair only exists in Europe theoretically, perhaps it will come into being through our magazine – in other words, through the students. We find it appropriate, then, to call our magazine EUtopya, from the Greek root meaning place of the good.

Eutopya is legally a magazine registered at the Court of Rome on 10 January 2019 at the number 4/2019.