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Now it’s too late

“Ciao, Antonio, we should talk about partnership between Europhonica and EUtopya, maybe we can manage to organize some events together in these months, what do you think?”

“Yeah, for sure. I’m leaving for Strasbourg, when I return we will organise a meeting!”

This is the last conversation Antonio and I had before he left to the city of the European Parliament and never came back. I, as many people, have never thought I’d be personally affected by terrorism.

On the 11th of December, an Islamic terrorist launched a shooting spree through Strasbourg’s Christmas market. In the center of the heart of Europe where the European Parliament is located together with the most famous Christmas markets of the Old continent, visited each year by plenty of people. Antonio Megalizzi, a young, smart Italian journalist was one of the crowd enjoying the festive atmosphere. He was a friend of mine and the chief of Europhonica, the club of European universitarian radios; he died of his injuries three days later. Terrorism has claimed another victim, although the greater victim may be our trust for anyone we do not know; the kind of trust which gives us faith in humanity. A situation which shows we have not taken lessons from humanity’s long and violent history. Once again we direct our hate towards anyone who fits an image, rather than the guilty organisation. We are at war with organisations who, thanks to technology, can brainwash people thousands of miles from them; automatic weapons now mean a single person can end the lives of many. We can no longer guarantee for the safety of anyone anywhere, not even in our beautiful public squares that might be possible places of death. As Mrs Silvia Costa, who has always been Antonio’s supporter, said in her press release, the only way of fixing this problem is to improve the cohesion in Europe and develop a common defence system which is the only way of trying to assure safety for the European people. This war is different from all other wars and hence we can not fight it in the same way we did in the past. Although this one has killed much less people then the other great wars namely WW1 and WW2, it is transforming everybody in constant targets and so in potential dead humans.

This time our friend Antonio was hit and he is now the symbol of a Europe attacked from all edges which, nevertheless, remains the sole hope of saving ourselves and stopping this enormous personal war against an indivisible and always present enemy. But, above all, he is the symbol of the dream of a closer and closer European Union. Antonio was one of us who everyday struggled to attain a better Union. Only now, when he is dead, many politicians and university presidents started to think about him and his ideas. Unfortunately now it is too late. We need a European political class that should always have the capacity to hear young people’s opinions and not only when someone becomes a martyr! He was always right, but a hypocritical public opinion and cowardly political class gave him credit only now when he cannot do or say anything anymore. His ideas represent the future and he pays too high a price to be given credit.

In conclusion, I would like to remember Antonio for his dreams which are characteristic of our generation and represent a better future for this continent and the world!

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