Was It Really Solari’s Fault?

After that “catastrophic” loss of Real Madrid against Ajax, 1-4 by knocking them out of Champions League and ending one of the best era of Real’s history.

Madrid did an amazing thing by winning three Champions in a row and 4 out of 5. It was an “impossible” thing until Real broke that record and became the greatest club in the world. After that humiliating loss against the Ajax in their own home, Madrid’s reign came to an end.

Nonetheless, Real is out of “Copa del Rey” and far away from the first position in La Liga after two losses against Barcelona in their own home too.

A day after that, everyone is talking and it has been the number one trending topic in social media, especially as memes. Everyone is blaming the coach, Santiago Solari for this state of Real’s team. But is it really his fault?

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Now let’s make an analysis about this. If we say that Solari is not guilty, we are wrong, but if we say that he has all the fault, we are wrong again.

There is no discussion that Solari was the biggest guilty about this crisis, but the real is that he was not the only one. It is true that the coach with his decisions are responsible for the Team’s results. Solari did some changes on the squad that affected for bad. In fact, mostly of his decisions were very “strange” and them were not approved by the fans and even the players.

For example, deciding to drop Marcelo to the bench and replacing him with the 22-years old Sergio Reguillon was one of the first controversial decisions made by the technician but in the eyes of the Argentine, the defender was not playing at the level he used to.

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“This was a completely “crazy” decision for me, because it is a very bad idea to let in the bench a great player with a lot of experience and replacing him with a young player without experience.” That was a big reason why Real had such problems on the left-side.

Solari also decided to give other young players such as Vinicius Junior, Fede Valverde and Marcos Llorente some playing time, thanks to the club’s growing injury list and disappointing performances.

Another one of the decisions that has put Solari under the microscope, perhaps more than once, has been the choice to remove Isco from the starting line-up and basically banish him from the squad.


That was the most “stupid” idea that you can make as a manager. It is unacceptable to leave a Gold player like Isco out of the squad. It is true that they had disagreements with each-other, but anyway you can’t leave Isco just because you had personal differences. We all have seen the talent that Isco has and he is very important for the team. Many players didn’t agree with the coach’s decision, but he remained very strong with his idea.

One another decision of Solari, was about Keylor Navas. When Lopetegui was in charge, Courtois was the “La Liga goalkeeper” and Navas played in the Champions League and CDR. Now with Solari in charge, things changed and he wasn’t playing in the UCL. He was replaced by Courtois.

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Again Santiago Solari was the biggest responsible of this terrible season for Real, but as I said in the beginning he wasn’t the only guilty one.

Now let’s talk about players. Starting from one player that everyone was expecting a lot from him, Gareth Bale. When he first came at Madrid, he was an incredible player. But later after a lot of injuries forced him to stay a few times off of the fields and when he returned he never was the same, he never was at his top form. We saw that on Tuesday night against Ajax. He had the chance to show himself to the other, but he could not.

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And the last who has a part of the fault is the goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois. In the beginning of the season he was very good and all the fans liked him very much. Then, after that shameful loss against Barcelona 5-1, there were some doubts about him, but Solari trusted him and continue to let him play in the Champions by taking the place of Keylor Navas. We saw that he failed there as well in La Liga.

Now with Zidane in charge Real Madrid will try to get back to the top again. Will Zidane return the glory of “Los Blancos”?

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