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Help Us Establish a Student Podcast in Kenya

A few months ago, the Eutopya staff received an incredible invitation from photographer and activist Mohamed Keita to join him in Thika, Kenya, and help establish a radio station with local students. This proposal launched plans for Radio Eutopya, a podcast to be run by youth from around the world that will make our movement more accessible to all. Our staff is currently planning its first trip down to Thika this summer, where we will stay with the Pianoterra Foundation, who’ve generously agreed to host us. There, we will meet our new partners-in-action – students from Mohamed’s photography school, an institution for local youth interested in the digital arts. We hope that, beyond establishing Radio Eutopya, these students will join the Eutopya team as editors and correspondents.

While we hope that our podcast will eventually establish numerous worldwide bases, it’s no accident that we are choosing Thika as our first and primary location. Historically, the West has spun its own narrative for Africa, a narrative of suffering and depravity that the West is called upon to “fix.”The legacy of this narrative continues on today. Many humanitarian organizations operate under this understanding – that the people of African nations must catch up to the West (be it culturally or “developmentally”) or learn to adapt to the misfortunes that have befallen them.

Though we stand by the premise of liberal international order, Eutopya was never intended to be a western-dominated organization. It was born from a belief in global pluralism, not western pluralism. In working with Thika youth, we will not be a European humanitarian coalition going in to “help underprivileged locals.” Instead, we are students recognizing an issue and partnering with our peers. As stated above, Eutopya believes in creating a forum where youth can be heard, converse, and unify. With this podcast, we strive to extend the discourse to our Thika peers, giving them a voice and returning to them control over their own narrative. This is our movement – unification across ages, across nations, across races, across cultures, for a better and more just world. The podcast certainly won’t solve the global crisis that is racism, nor will it reverse in any way the colonial legacy in Africa, but we strive to combat injustice nonetheless.

Radio Eutopya will be working in conjunction with Action for Children in Conflict, or AfCiC, a Kenyan-originated NGO that works to give incredible opportunities to local children and women. To learn more about their work, visit <https://actionchildren.or.ke>. To learn more about Mohamed Keita, visit <http://www.mohamedkeita.it>. To learn more about the Pianoterra Foundation, visit <https://www.pianoterra.net/en/>

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Donations made possible at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-us-create-a-student-podcast-in-thika-kenya/

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