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The need to create a place where students can debate the political, cultural and philosophical questions that surround them is the motivation that has always been our motivation—to realize a forum where students can exchange ideas on and take part in the construction of their future, an agora that makes room for freedom of thought and democracy.

Since Europe is now united, no state is any longer an island. We are all united under a single flag and a single purpose: safeguarding this continent from ourselves and progressing more and more towards as complete a freedom as is possible. We students are the future of this world, so we must construct a place where we can debate and share opinions on what is happening on this continent and in this world. Only by exchanging and opposing different ideas we can attempt to achieve freedom of thought. Freedom of speech is based on freedom of thought, because in order to express an opinion we must have the means to formulate it. These means come precisely from debating and dialoguing freely.

The goal of this project, then, is to give all the young people in Europe a place to establish a dialogue about their situations and opinions, in order to safeguard, celebrate and develop freedom of opinion and democracy. A place where all of us, in every place in Europe, can exchange opinions, develop the values ​​of the Enlightenment, Socratic Athena—and therefore democracy—can only be a place of good, so this magazine could only be called EUtopya, from the Greek, place of the good.

EUtopya strives to be a place for the exchange of ideas and opinions whose only goals are freedom, cooperation and anti-totalitarianism. We all know very well, however, that this place cannot exist physically, that it will remain a utopia materialized only amidst the lines of our articles. Yet we can synergistically develop ideas that can positively influence our Europe through integration, cooperation and sharing. What you have before your eyes is therefore a project by students for students and for Europe.

Since things are often best understood by standing in contrast to their opposites, in order to represent the old continent, we must also represent the territories and the people who are not part of it. So the doors of this project are open to all the young people of the world, in order to weave a canvas and a link between all the students that find its center in the freest place in the world. From Rome to Berlin, from Madrid to Bath and from Nantes to Miami, we will try, through the wonderful vehicle of the Internet and with your help, to create a place of free exchange of ideas and opinions to lead everyone to be even more free and democratic. For rights, in order to continue to exist for future generations, must be championed. Rights, while universal and inalienable, are not invincible. They have to be preserved, and, unless renewed frequently, will expire within the span of any living generation.

This magazine has been progressively taking shape over a few months, and, though we have achieved remarkable results, there is still a lot of work to do. So anyone interested can step forward and jump on board!

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