Taco Charlton Authentic Jersey  A EUtopya Meeting Held On 12/01/2018 Sparked New Resolutions Regarding the Future of the Newspaper. - Eutopya

A EUtopya Meeting Held On 12/01/2018 Sparked New Resolutions Regarding the Future of the Newspaper.

December 1st, 2018 –  EUtopya’s management met to discuss their hopes for the magazine. Of the many ideas put forward by our think-tank, some have already been realized and acted upon, the most notable of which are the mentoring program and the magazine’s financial affairs. We also discussed efficiency control, particularly in terms of publishing schedules, advertising, marketing, and spreading the word of our magazine.

Firstly, EUtopya needs to investigate how the mentoring program has evolved. Anya Bégué is our chief editor, and ensures that all the articles we produce are well written and free of mistakes. So far, none of our articles have been published without first being proofread by the American Section. In fact, thanks to their help, our writers our learning and their passion and their skill are growing with the magazine.

Secondly, financial backing is necessary to support EUtopya. Hence, a crowdfunding campaign will start on the 18th of December, during a conference in the EU embassy in Rome. Our chief, Luila, has applied for the Charlemagne Youth Prize, with comes with a reward of 7,500 euros.

EUtopya is still a fresh project, and we have started several initiatives to sustain our growth. The first one is connected with the regularity of text production; we are aiming to publish one article per day. Proper scheduling will help with the smooth production of text and keep the magazine alive. Following this, by increasing the volume of our texts on the web, we hope to build a larger name for our magazine through our natural online footprint. We are also planning to eventually start an official advertising campaign; however, we will wait until we have a larger volume of articles first so as to retain the readership we acquire. Led by our new Social Media head, Chloe Pingeon, Tommaso Buto will take care of our new Instagram account, while Ider is in charge of improving our website. We have created the Asia section to further grow our magazine. Alessandro and Hannes will run this section, and so far, they’ve made tremendous progress.  

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