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Eutopya at GFE Congress in Pisa


December, Pisa

A two-day conference organized by GFE Italy served as a forum for youth around the world to debate the future of Europe. The round-table was possible thanks to the commitment of different officials, including members of well-known organizations as Forza Italia, PD, Bar Europa, Movimenta, etc. At the conference, many points were raised concerning how to build public opinion and influence the current political field. It was a great opportunity to share ideas, points of view and opinions among people who strongly believe in the idea of a European Federation.

At this occasion, GFE kindly left a spot for EUtopya to explain its project to the public. Thanks to a brief presentation that ended with Anya Bégué’s greetings from the United States, people seemed to fully understand and support what we here at EUtopya strive and stand for. 
What ultimately emerged from the conference, and what we are really proud of, was the sharing of intentions between all the organizations in the name of an important objective. We must focus our strengths on building a united Europe – and world!

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