A Bright New Head Start for EUtopya!

EUtopya is ready to be reborn with a newly elected President of the newspaper, who comes with a fresh outlook on the future of this magazine. She isn’t alone; together with a team of 70 writers and five section directors, she is ready to bring change to and rejuvenate the organization. Luila has already recruited several new writers and created new departments, while launching a new mentorship project to help authors whose first language was not English further develop their writing style. With these efforts, Luila is creating a stronger image for EUtopya.

Part of her campaign platform was to also build a stable budget to further advance the profile of the newspaper. Together with colleagues from the magazine’s Think Tank and Inside EUtopya divisions, Mario Simmaco and director Adam Kiela, respectively, Luila is working on a new fundraising campaign in December. The team also plans to raise funds through a number of other efforts, ranging from an application for the Charlemagne Prize to the contacting of potential sponsors.

When asked about the main strengths of the newspaper, the newly appointed President answered, “Our main strength is the people! This is a big project and it cannot be done without all of us collaborating and working extremely hard. The fact that we come from more than thirty different countries makes this even more challenging, with cultural, legal, and time-zone differences but at the same time makes the work more interesting and dynamic.” Before running for her new position and being elected with a broad consensus amongst Eutopya members, Luila was acting as an editor for the magazine. In an interview with Adam Kiela, she stated, “The main difficulty that EUtopya was suffering from was lack of leadership, making it difficult to hold people accountable. I aspire to bring change by implementing my policies and giving a direction to this student-led project. Being surrounded by an extremely hard working team is absolutely valuable and has helped me indefinitely.” This is certainly a group enterprise, and working together is crucial to the magazine’s success. The newly restructured management team has scheduled a meeting in London for the first time, with people coming from all over the world to collaborate and work, as well as a conference in Rome this upcoming May.

EUtopya is growing. Come grow with us, either as an officer, writer, or member of the audience!

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